Stone Deaf Effects and Amplification has been established since 2010. A family run business with a penchant for tone. When Luke Hilton started collecting and modding pedals such like many other pedal builders he found a passion for creating something he wanted for himself.


It became apparent that he wasn’t the only one who wanted something different and thus started to manufacture the PDF-1. Keith Hilton his father started to see the potential and stepped in to help with production of the pedals.


The 2nd person to get hold of a PDF-1 was renowned guitarist of Queens of the Stone Age,. Josh Homme. He now uses 2 of the original PDF-1’s in replacement of the Moog MPF-1.


Fast forward 6 years later and we now have more staff, a great range of pedals and our first line of amplifiers. With numerous well respected guitarists and bands around the world using our products we have grown to be known for quality, reliability and unique sounding pedals and now amplifiers.


Our customers know good tone when they hear it, from blues to metal we have got it covered.  With our grass roots following we are growing daily so don’t miss out whether or not your a dealer or a potential customer. You will be amazed at what we have to offer you in exquisite tone.


We hope you enjoy our catalogue and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop us an e-mail


We are a friendly bunch after all :-)

Its not something you here very often “Made in Britain” but we manufacture all of our products ourselves here in the UK and we are proud to support our network of local suppliers. By using our local suppliers we keep the quality high and our costs low making what we hope is high quality, beautiful sounding amplifiers and pedals at a reasonable price for you our customers.


We believe made in Britain actually counts for something, we don’t just design here as others do, we assemble, test and do everything we need to make sure your happy with our products.




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